Berchtesgaden Microbiome Science Days 2022

Microbiome Summit Meeting in the Alps

Once again, with the strong participation of the IKMB, the 6th annual symposium Berchtesgaden Microbiome Science Days (BMSD) took place.

The role of the microbiome in complex chronic diseases is in the focus of current research and challenges researchers from all over the world. Changes in the microbiome can be detected not only in intestinal inflammatory diseases, but also for example in the lungs such as in asthma. To better investigate these changes, an exchange between researchers from different fields and with different foci is of great importance to create a network supporting a better understanding of this complex topic.

The BMSD provide a foundation for such an exchange of ideas and discussions. This year, 25 researchers contributed with their expertise and offered state-of-the-art insights into their current microbiome research: From the study of glycosylations of the intestinal mucus layer, to the identification of bioactive metabolic products of the intestinal microbiome, to the development of tools for the analysis of longitudinal microbiome studies, there were all kinds of topics to discuss.

The following miTarget members contributed with talks and discussions:

Stefan Schreiber & Victor Lopez-Agudelo: “Microbiome targeted intervention in COVID-19”
Philip Rosenstiel & Martina Guggeis: “Gnotobiotic mouse models to investigate the microbiome in IBD”
Andre Franke, Philipp Rausch & Eike Matthias Wacker: “The microbiome in individuals at high-risk for IBD”

Other speakers were for example:

Mathilde Poyet & Mathieu Groussin, Cambridge (USA) & Kiel

Gunnar Hansson, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sofia Forslund, Berlin, Germany

Jakob Stokholm, Copenhagen, Denmark

Paul Wilmes, Luxembourg

Mohamed Donia, Princeton, USA

In conclusion, the Microbiome Science Days provided new ideas for microbiome research and potential international collaborations for miTarget researchers, leading the way for novel research projects around the microbiome.

Participating Institutes