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About Petra Bacher

Petra Bacher is Junior Professor of Immunology and Immunogenetics at the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology and the Institute of Immunology at Kiel University. She is working on the analysis of human antigen-specific T-cell responses, i.e. the adaptive immune system. She is specifically investigating the role of microbiota-specific T cells in chronic inflammatory diseases and has projects in various research networks, including the Research Unit 5042 The Microbiome as a Therapeutic Target in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (miTarget), but also the Cluster of Excellence Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation in Kiel and the CRC 1526 PANTAU on pemphigoid diseases.

Petra Bacher studied biology in Cologne and wrote her diploma thesis in pharmacology there. After a doctoral thesis at the company Milteni Biotec, she turned back to basic research with a postdoc at the Charité in Berlin for five years. She has held her junior professorship in Kiel since mid-2018.

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