Georges-Köhler-Preis for Prof. Petra Bacher 

Prof. Petra Bacher, Institute of Immunology and Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB), receives the Georges-Köhler-Preis 2023 of the German Society of Immunology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie, DGfI) for her outstanding work on the role of the immune system in chronic inflammatory diseases with a special focus on CD4+ T cells. Prof. Bacher investigates the role of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells in immune system dysfunctions that are suspected to result in a misdirected immune response against the microbiota, such as chronic inflammatory diseases. She was able to show that the detection of antigen-specific T cells enables an improvement in clinical diagnosis and creates a basis for T cell-based therapeutic applications. CD4+ T cells, also known as T helper cells, play a central role in the defense against exogenous antigens.

Source: Pressemitteilung, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immunologie e.V.

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