Who will pay my pension some day….

Online talk on 18 September for mobile junior researchers


Ms Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe, Rebekka Walpert, Giuliana Ratzel,

Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes VBL / www.findyourpension.eu

Organized by the Gender Department and several research associations (miTarget as well) of Kiel University.

At the first Financial Empowerment event we offered in fall 2022, there were several questions about pensions. Therefore, we now organized an event specifically on pensions for mobile scientists.
Fortunately, we found competent partners in the team of the International Office of the Pension Institution of the Federal and State Governments (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder, VBL). The VBL has been part of the European initiative to establish a European Tracking Service on Pensions (ETS) since 2016. Today, four countries are involved in this network, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, and the aim is to expand the service to other European countries. Mobile employees can already find a wide range of information and services on the website www.findyourpension.eu.

The speakers provided structured information about the statutory and occupational pension schemes in Germany and Europe and gave tips on where to obtain further information. The VBL experts pointed out that it is very important to keep track of your own working and – related with this – pension history. Pension regulations often differ from country to country, and you have to actively apply for your pension in each country. Unfortunately, there is no standardized system in Europe, even though parts of it are on the way.

In the end, the questions from the 57 participants from Kiel University showed the wide range of challenges and career paths that young scientists face today. For further questions, the platform www.findyourpension.eu is a good address or you can also contact the VBL team.

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