role: Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schreiber

Scientific Advisory Board
Stefan Schreiber, a renowned expert in IBD, one of three directors of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology and director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I at Kiel Campus of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein.

Prof. Arthur Kaser

Scientific Advisory Board
Arthur Kaser is chief gastroenterologist at Addenbrooke’s (Cambridge, UK), experienced in IBD and clinical studies and has an excellent track-record in mucosal immunology.

Prof. Jeroen Raes

Scientific Advisory Board
Jeroen Raes (VIB/KU Leuven, Belgium) is one of the key microbiome researchers in Europe that has been involved in the EU microbiome initiative MetaHIT and who is currently driving the Flemish Gut Flora Project.

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