New professor at Kiel University: Mathilde Poyet

Mathilde Poyet

Microbiome and Health

»I use both experimental and computational approaches, to advance our understanding of the human gut microbiome genomic and functional diversity associated with health and disease. I aim at identifying candidate microbial features (e.g., organisms or metabolites) that have beneficial modulatory effects on humans. For this, I investigate microbiomes from populations of different lifestyles worldwide and microorganisms within patient cohorts through basic and translational-oriented studies. I am driven by a desire to understand how the human gut microbiome can impact human health and to leverage its therapeutic potential for treating chronic diseases rising worldwide.«

Mathilde Poyet, 36 years old, born in France. Since March 2023: Professor in Intestinal Microbiology at Kiel University and at the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the UKSH, Campus Kiel. Since 2016: Co-founder and scientific leader of the Global Microbiome Conservancy. Previously post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, United States. 2014: Doctoral Degree at Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France. 

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