SAB mitarget member Stefan Schreiber is No. 1 in national medical ranking

18 researchers of the Kiel University Cluster of Excellence “Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” (PMI) have been honored for their research achievements by the science portal SAB miTarget member Prof. Stefan Schreiber received the “Medicine Leader Award.” Schreiber is Director of the Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology at Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital (UKSH), Kiel Campus and Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), Director of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I at UKSH, Professor at the Medical Faculty of CAU and one of four scientists of the scientific advisery board of miTarget.

miTarget Spokesperson Prof. Andre Franke is ranked 60th in the national comparison, co-spokesperson Prof. Philip Rosenstiel on position 254.

The portal has created a ranking of leading scientists in medicine. A total of 892 “Best Medicine Scientists” are listed in Germany and more than 17,000 worldwide. In Germany, Prof. Schreiber leads this ranking in first place. In a worldwide comparison, he is in 118th place.

According to, data from around 68,900 scientists worldwide were evaluated for the ranking. The USA dominates the ranking with the most leading medical experts, with Germany taking third place after the UK. The selection criteria for the ranking of top scientists are based on the proportion of publications within the respective field as well as the awards and achievements of the researchers, the portal says. had already listed the world’s best researchers last year; a breakdown by field was added this year.

„Best Medicine Scientists“ from the PMI Cluster
Prof. Dr. Lars Bertram, Prof. Dr. Ingolf Cascorbi, Prof. Dr. Jeanette Erdmann, Prof. Dr. Andre Franke, Prof. Dr. Axel Hauschild, Prof. Dr. Olav Jansen, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Klapper, Prof. Dr. Christine Klein, Prof. Dr. Inke König, Prof. Dr. Michael Krawczak, Prof. Dr. Christoph Lange, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mrowietz, Prof. Dr. Klaus Rabe, Prof. Dr. Christoph Röcken, Prof. Dr. Stefan Rose-John, Prof. Dr. Philip Rosenstiel, Prof. Dr. Stefan Schreiber, Prof. Dr. Detlef Zillikens

Full ranking: Ranking Best Medicine Scientists 2023

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