EMBO | EMBL Symposium – Microbial infections and human cancer

Microbial-host interaction has a profound impact on numerous biological systems, including metabolism, immunology, DNA integrity and nutrition. Pathobionts and pathogenic bacteria have developed specific abilities to gain growth advantage and niche resilience which affect these key host biological processes, often leading to disease states such as cancer. While the connection between helicobacter infection and gastric cancer was originally considered an exception, many new examples of bacterial infection contributing to cancer have been identified. This symposium brings together the leading scientists in the field of microbial ecology, immunology, metabolism, genomics and infection to discuss the latest progress in microbial infection and cancer from an interdisciplinary perspective. This conference will provide a larger audience of young researchers and students with a stimulating platform to present their research, to network and to develop this emerging and exciting field further.

Session Topics

  • Bacterial genomics and cancer
  • Bacterial metabolism and cancer
  • Microbiome in infection and cancer
  • Bacteria and immune responses
  • Bacteria and mammalian cell proliferation/transformation
  • Bacteria and therapeutic responses

Virtual registration deadline: March 4, 2022.

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Participating Institutes